How to Use Locations on HTC Desire Z

One of the built-in features that is offered on the HTC Desire Z is the ability to use location features on the phone. Locations finds where you are at and helps you find the things that you want to find near your location. This guide covers the basics of this feature.

Turn locations on

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your location feature is turned on. Go HOME, press MENU, select “settings” and choose “location”. You have the option of using Wi-Fi, GPS or both to find your location. Make your selection.

Find your location

If you aren’t sure where you are then you will want to find your location on a map. Open up Locations. Press MENU. Tap “map”. Your map will open up showing your current location.

Find things near you

When you are in the area that says your location, you can easily find things near you that you might want to visit. After opening Locations, you’ll see your location listed at the top of the screen. Beneath this you will see different categories such as “shopping” and “restaurants”. Choose the category that you want and you’ll receive information about nearby locations that fit that category.

Alternatively, you may want to look for a specifically location. In that case, open Locations and press “search”. Enter the name of the place that you’re seeking. (Alternatively you can search for a zip code or for a specific address). Matching results will show up sorted by distance with the closest one to you listed first. You can tap on the one that you want to get additional information and directions, see it on a map, share the information with someone else or call the contact number associated with the location.

Additional tips

Your phone is set up to work in the country where you bought the phone. If you are traveling to another country then you should go into Locations and selecting the option that says “change current search region”.

The phone is set up to save your favorite locations as “footprints”. Search for the location that you want to mark as a footprint and tap “save to footprints”. You can enter specific notes or details and even take a photo of the place before you select “done” to save the footprint. The purpose of this is to make it easy for you to find directions and contact information to places that you will be visiting more than once.

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