Student Makes Small Fortune Selling White iPhone 4 Kits

We would forgive those waiting for a white iPhone 4 for getting a little impatient, since Apple announced that the sought after handset wouldn’t be released until at least next spring. However, New York student Fei Lam had somewhat of a lightbulb moment in light of the constant delays and created a kit that converts black iPhone 4′s to white ones.

He set up a website to sell his $300 (£188) kits and has since made a cool $130,000 (around £82,000). Each one contains a front and back white panel, which have an uncanny resemblance to the real iPhone 4 plates, a home button plus all the tools required to make the necessary switch.

Unfortunately for the 17 year old entrepreneur, his booming business might have to be cut short after he received a letter from a private investigator deeming his parts as being stolen or counterfeit. There’s no indication that the message had anything to do with Apple, but it seems that someone is keen to stop Fei Lam in his tracks with claims like that.

Since Apple fans have been kept waiting from July for the white iPhone 4, we’re not surprised that someone decided to take matters into their own hands!

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