Apple Co-Founder Admits Android Will Win Smartphone Battle in the End

Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak has admitted that he believes Android has the potential to win over more customers than his own company’s iOS software. He made the admission in an interview with Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf revealing that “Android phones have more features” and feels the Google OS also offers a greater choice for people.

He compared the potential victory of Android in the smartphone market to that of Windows dominating the computing world, although he only had positive words for the iPhone. He stressed that the handset “had very few weak points [and] in terms of quality the iPhone is leading.”

It seems that ‘quantity over quality’ may be ringing in Apple’s ears if Wozniak’s prediction turns out to be true. He does have a valid point to an extent, bearing in mind that there are numerous handset running Android out there whereas Apple only has three different generations of iPhone in their smartphone portfolio.

We wonder what Google think of Wozniak’s honesty. In the meantime, let’s see if his prediction turns out to be true and whether Apple start to up their game.

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