LG Dual Core Android Superphone Coming 2011

Fine, there is a chance LG could still launch a dual core smartphone before the end of 2010, a deadline that always did sound a tiny bit optimistic. However, they won’t be too far behind schedule if this leak turns out to be correct, as it suggests early 2011 is more realistic. But the leak is not just about the date, it shows the actual device and some tantalising specs too!

The phone is apparently being called the LG Star internally, a name which has previously been used on a mid-range Samsung phone from 2009, so we would imagine it will wear an Optimus name-tag when it appears on the shelf.  It’s obviously going to be very close to the top of LG’s range as not only will it have the new Tegra 2 chip inside, but also an 8 megapixel touchscreen, 1080p video recording, a 4″ touchscreen and an unspecified version of Android.

Aside from the cutting-edge tech, another good decision could have been taken regarding Android, as the Google-branding on the rear of the Star suggests it’ll be untainted by a clumsy UI.  A source talking to Engadget says that it will have just the tiniest bit of tinkering though.

LG have been pushing their late 2010/early 2011 Android plans for a while, and if this is typical of what they have planned it could see them regain some of their recent lost ground in terms of global market share.

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