The GT-i9010 is Another Samsung/Giorgio Armani Crossover

Samsung is no stranger to the designer phone and this newly revealed GT-i9010 is another to come from their partnership with Giorgio Armani. Like LG at the time, Samsung’s first Armani effort was at least unusual if not very good, but their subsequent efforts went from the sickeningly flashy Night Effect to the functional-but-dull B7620.

That was over a year ago, but they’re back now with the GT-i9010, a Giorgio Armani-branded Android smartphone. While the body of the new phone is new to Europe, Engadget say that it looks identical to the Samsung Captivate, a US-only version of the i9000 Galaxy S.  The limited feature list that has so far been released backs this up, as it has a 4″ screen, a 5 megapixel camera and 16GB of internal memory.

While we’re glad to see a designer phone with decent functionality for a change, there doesn’t seem to be much more than the Armani branding above the screen and the special box seen in the unboxing video to separate this from the many other Galaxy S models, a disappointment considering this will be around £600 when it goes on sale in December!

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