Super AMOLED Displays Heading for Samsung Galaxy Tab

A Samsung Galaxy Tab sporting a Super AMOLED display was on show at the FPD International convention in Japan today. The 7 inch tablet had a 1200 x 600 pixel panel onboard and re-ignited rumours that the recently released device could be getting an upgrade in 2011.

Samsung also had another device with them. While Tech-on!, who grabbed this snap, described it as being an ‘electronic book reader’ with a 10.1 inch LCD screen, it just looks like a bigger version of the Galaxy Tab to us, especially as it’s pictured making video calls.

This 10inch version of the tab was recently spotted on T-Mobile’s website, so this latest sighting suggests that the Galaxy Tab’s larger counterpart could be on its way. Although the super thin LCD panels won’t be available for a few years, this prototype could be a clever cover up by the manufacturer in the hope of keeping the 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab under wraps until its potential unveiling in 2011. Do you think this is a Galaxy Tab in disguise? Let us know in the comments.

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