Mobile Phones on Trial to Replace Hotel Keys

Since most of us are pretty good at remembering where we’ve put our mobiles, but pretty hopeless at hanging onto hotel keys, it makes a lot of sense that a hotel firm in Sweden is trialling a scheme where mobile phones are used instead of room keys or cards.

The pilot programme is taking place at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm – a joint effort from Choice Hotels and mobile key developers (we didn’t realise such a thing existed), Assa Abloy.

So how is this going to work? During the trial, guests will be given an NFC-enabled (near field communication) mobile phone which receives their room confirmation, sends them a welcome message and key code, meaning there’s no need to check in at the front desk.

When it comes to checking out, the mobile should help make this process as straight-forward as possible too, as the room key code is simply de-activated automatically.

It has been decided to run the trial for three months in order to get a clear picture of how it will work on a day-to-day basis and to assess what the real benefits will be to customers and staff.

The idea is to simplify things and make hotel stays as enjoyable as possible. The mobiles will act as data hubs for both the guest and the hotelier by storing all the information that is relevant to the guest’s stay – not just the unique door key code, but useful travel applications, details about the booking and even information about what has been taken from the mini bar!

Another interesting way for mobiles to help us run our lives…

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