How to Use Fixed Dialling on Blackberry Curve 9300

Fixed dialling is a feature that allows you to create a set of contacts that you are able to call at any time. You will not be able to call anyone else other than those contacts (and emergency numbers). The main reason that you might use this is to limit call options for a child who is using the phone. However, you may also block numbers from yourself for personal reasons. This option is available on the BlackBerry Curve 9300 (although some wireless providers won’t enable it).

Activate Fixed Dialling on BlackBerry Curve 9300

To set up this feature:

  • Contact your mobile phone service provider to ask if this option is available to you. If it is, request a SIM card from the provider that has been set up for this service and a PIN2 code. When these are received, you are ready to activate fixed dialling on your phone.
  • Go HOME.
  • Press “send”.
  • Select MENU.
  • Choose “options”.
  • Select the option that reads “FDN Phone List”.
  • Press MENU again.
  • Select the option that reads “Enable FDN Mode”. (Note that if you want to disable FDN mode in the future you simply return to this option and choose “disable” instead of “enable”.)
  • You will be asked for the PIN2 code that you received from your mobile phone service provider. Enter it now and press ENTER to confirm.

Create and Edit your Fixed Dialling Contact List

Once you’ve activated the service you are ready to use it but you need to set up the contact list that you want for your fixed dialling feature. For example, you may restrict a child’s mobile phone contacts to only the numbers associated with immediate family members.

To create and edit your fixed dialling contact list on the BlackBerry Curve 9300:

  • Return to the FDN Phone List using the instructions above.
  • Press MENU.
  • Select “new”.
  • You will be asked for your PIN2 code. Enter it.
  • Press MENU again.
  • Enter a name as well as a phone number to add a contact to your list.
  • Press MENU again and save.
  • Do this as many times as you need to in order to add new contacts to your fixed dialling list.

In the future you may decide to delete someone off of the list. For example, you may discover that your child is harassing a sibling and decide to delete that person from their call list. To do this, go back into the FDN phone list, highlight the contact that you want to remove, press MENU and select delete. Alternatively, you may want to edit a number on the list (for example, allowing the child to call you on your phone but not your work number). Follow the delete process but instead of hitting “delete” select “edit”. Change the contact information, then press MENU again and save the changes.

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