Motorola Looking At Location-Specific Event Updates With Aloqa

We all use our phones to find where the fun is, but that’s usually limited by whether we know anyone fun. Motorola are instead aiming at making the mobile itself your event-information source, acquiring location-specific service, Aloqa and making noises about integrating it into Blur. Aloqa is an entertainment information service, sending you updates on local parties, promotions and anything else you might enjoy based on your location and logged preferences. With over a million users, it has now reached the independent developer’s holy grail – being bought out for lots of money.

MOTOBLUR is another life-streaming service, an attempt to aggregate all your updates, statuses, and various verbs-based-on-poking, into one place. The problem with such services is that there are far too many of them, making them meaningless as advantages for a single phone provider, which is probably why Motorola are attempting to improve theirs. If it works, Aloqa could put an end to all those “If I’d known that was happening I would have gone!” moments. If it doesn’t, it could end up as just another spam pusher.

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