Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories you may have missed this week:

1.  Android ‘Best Deal Ever’ say Google.

Speaking at a conference this week, Google’s VP of Corporate Development sung the praises of their Android operating system, calling it the ‘best deal ever’. Google purchased Android back in 2005.

2.  Motorola Profits Rise Dramatically.

Cementing their reputation as the current comeback kings, Motorola have issued details of their Q3 earnings, and they’re looking good. This time last year, a $12 million figure was posted, a far cry from this year’s $109 million! They shipped 3.8 million smartphones during the period, with the mobile devices unit seeing a 20% rise in revenue.

3.  MeeGo 1.1 Out Now.

You may not be able to buy a dedicated MeeGo phone just yet, but if you’ve got a Nokia N900, then the latest release of MeeGo can be added as a dual-boot option alongside the standard Maemo software. Don’t get too excited though, it’s still designed only to be used by developers.

4.  Twitter for Windows Phone 7 Released.

Twitter has added to the ever-growing Windows Phone Marketplace this week, with their own official client for the popular social network. According to early users, it fits in very well with the Metro UI seen on the new Microsoft phones.

5.  Tablets Set for Huge Growth.

Research analysts Juniper are estimating that shipments of tablet computers could hit 80 million per year by 2015, with Apple likely still holding the top spot, but with Samsung, RIM and MeeGo-powered devices close behind.

6.  Amazon to Join Windows Phone 7 App Store.

Alongside Twitter, Amazon is the other big name with a Windows Phone 7 app this week. Their Kindle eReader app won’t be available for download until later in the year though, but when it does it will provide access to 725,000 eBooks. There is no word whether it’ll be an international app though.

7.  SIM Card Market Grows.

As the amount of connected devices increases, so does the need for a SIM card, especially as network operators want to ensure their own services still find a home on your new phone, tablet or netbook. ABI Research estimates that a 10% growth in 2010 will take SIM shipments to the 3.8 billion mark!

8.  Nokia Release Internet Radio Software.

If you’ve got an X2 or X3 Nokia phone, then head over to Nokia’s Betalabs site to download a pre-release version of their Internet radio app. This S40-only program is currently in Beta, but will be making it into the Ovi Store in the near future.

9.  Asus WinPho 7 Device Delayed.

Following the news that Asus and Garmin would split, it’s looking like we won’t be seeing their entry into the Windows Phone 7 range until later in 2011. Speaking to Forbes, Asus’s chairman said ‘we haven’t decided what we would like to do’ when asked about the new OS.

10.  Angry Birds Toys Up for Pre-Order.

We knew they were coming! Plush versions of five birds featured in the game are ready for sale and cost $14.99 each. There is no use denying you want one either, as who wouldn’t want to find one of these in their Christmas stocking this year!

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