Sony Speak Out About PlayStation Phone

Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainments America has responded to Engadget’s PlayStation Phone photo leaks that hit the Internet the other day. We weren’t sure who to believe, after the gadget site insisted the pictures were of the real thing, while a Sony spokesperson branded them as fake.

Dille spoke to CNN in an attempt to set the record straight, but didn’t confirm or deny the rumours. However, he did reveal that the PlayStation Phone is a “Wi-Fi only device,” and since “people are used to having always-connected devices,” believes this could be why the device is being held back.

However, the twist to this tale lies with another Sony spokeswoman, who told CNN that the company “has relationships with Google,” backing up Engadget’s claims that the phone will run on Android.

It’s obvious that Sony is trying its best to keep the PlayStation Phone under wraps (if we still believe it exists, of course!). Could this potential handset partnership be Google’s next attempt to blow Apple out of the water? We wonder what the next chapter of the PlayStation Phone saga holds!

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