More PlayStation Phone Pictures Revealed. Could It Really be on its Way?

It was mid-August when we last heard about the PSP Phone, or PlayStation Phone as it now seems better known as, when a picture showing an X10-like device with a slide-out set of gaming controls re-ignited interest in the rumour to end all rumours.

Now Engadget has some more pictures to show us, providing more detail on what the PlayStation phone may look like, adding that although the phone is still a prototype, it is the real thing. The similarity to the previous image is striking, with a large touchscreen, believed to be between 3.7″ and 4.1″, and the slide-out panel with a D-pad, a central touchpad and a set of the familiar Sony gaming buttons. Looking through the other pictures a pair of shoulder buttons are revealed along with a camera lens and flash unit.

The same specification details are still attached, so expect a 1GHz processor, 1GB ROM, 512MB RAM and Google Android running the show. As has been standard on Sony Ericsson phones for a while, the device will have a microSD card slot too. The exact version of Android is unknown, but we hope Sony Ericsson won’t repeat the mistake made with the X10 and use an outdated one!

Whether we see this in 2010 or early 2011 doesn’t really matter. We’ve been waiting for so long already, a few more months won’t make any difference!

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