Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps

Yesterday, a very short and sweet tweet from the Android development team broke the news that the Android Market has now reached 100,000 applications for Android phone users to download and enjoy.

There’s no doubt that’s a lot of apps, but what about when it’s compared with others? The most obvious is to pit this figure against the iTunes App Store, which has recently been reported to have passed the 300,000 app mark. However, this does depend on which apps are counted, so a figure of between 285,000 and 300,000 seems the safest estimate without Apple’s blessing.

Just because the Android Market has 100,000 apps inside, this doesn’t mean that’s all there is out there as unlike Apple, Google are happy for other app stores to exist where users can download apps from. This outlook differs greatly from Apple’s view of the jailbreak community and its Cydia app store. Amazon has recently announced their own plans for an Android app store, and other high-profile companies will surely follow if this proves to be a success.

With the continued release of new and exciting Android phones, and the expectation that Android will surge ahead in terms of market share, it’s likely the Market will add another 100,000 apps to its stock far quicker than it has reached its first.

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