Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessory Range Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is very nearly with us, and if you’re wondering whether it will be as well catered for as the iPad is in terms of accessories, Samsung has set the ball rolling with a series of official extras. The good news is that they haven’t simply made a case and been done with it; as when we say range of accessories, we really mean it!

The first and most expensive accessory is a keyboard dock. Holding your Tab upright to serve as a screen, this incorporates a full-sized 83-key keyboard complete with the ability to charge the tablet and output audio via a 3.5mm socket. It’ll set you back £69.99.

If you don’t want a keyboard but still want to have the option of charging in a stand, then the £39.99 Multimedia Desk Dock is for you. Interestingly, it has a mini-HDMI port too.

Samsung has designed three cases for the Tab. The first is the £19.99 Gel Case which is made of soft, protective silicone, the second is the self-explanatory Leather Slip Case for £24.99 and finally the Notebook/Stand Case. This is also made of leather and uses the folding ‘cover’ to support the Tab in a way that makes viewing pictures and video much easier. This will cost £29.99. In relation to iPad case prices, these work out cheaper than the official Apple product and are more on a par with third-party manufacturer prices.

A set of portable, battery powered speakers will be available for £19.99 along with an official pair of headphones for the same price, which also allow calls to be made or received using the Tab.

Rounding out the collection are a pair of chargers and a set of cables. An in-car charger and a travel charger have been priced at £24.99 and £34.99 respectively, while a £14.99 TV-out cable enables connection to your TV or projector and a spare USB cable can be purchased for the same price should you mislay the one supplied.

According to Samsung’s press release, everything will be available on the 1st November for the Tab’s launch, except the Gel Case which is expected to follow later in the month. Which will you be getting for your new Galaxy Tab?

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