Halloween Phone Fun: Manchester Mobile Monster Hunt

A new augmented reality game is bringing a lot of Halloween fun to Manchester, while teaching its users about this increasingly popular phone technology. It’s powered by Layar and was created by graphic design company, Gencia. The idea behind the game is for players to take their phones out onto the streets and hunt around the city for monsters.

The monsters aren’t visible to the naked eye, of course. Instead, the game uses programmed technology to show them on the user’s phone. ¬†Players then have to “slay” the beasts as part of an interactive game. This is a great example of how augmented reality gaming has progressed and is a fun way for people to try their hand at using the technology. Each week a different set of monsters will be released for slaying. Players have already killed vampires and zombies but there are still werewolves, ghosts, demons and witches left to kill before November 4th when the game comes to a close.

The spooky activity is made more fun by the fact that awards are given to people who participate in slaying the monster. Awards range from IMAX movie theatre tickets to VIP invites to a private Halloween weekend party. Plus you’ll learn hands-on how to use AR technology! To have a go at the Manchester Mobile Monster Hunt yourself, just head over to the official website where you can download the app. It’s only available for Android and iPhone users, but even if you don’t own one of these handsets you could always tag along for the ride.

Check out the video trailer for the game below:

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