The Nokia N8 is one of the hottest phones to hit the market this quarter and we’ve got one to give away. Fancy winning the first Symbian^3 handset? Here’s what you need to do.

There’s a 12 megapixel camera on board the Nokia N8, so we want to make sure that you can handle it. All you need to do is grab a camera and take a picture representing why you deserve to win this handset. It can be as crazy or creative as you like, just upload it into the comments section on our Nokia N8 review page. UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO HERE. There’s space for you to add a caption to your photo as well using the normal comment box.

The winning photo will be chosen by team members in the Dialaphone office, so get those thinking caps on to make yours stand out! Good luck!

To upload a photo:

  • Go to the Nokia N8 review page.
  • Scroll down to the comments section
  • Fill in the required fields and write a comment explaining your photo.
  • Click Browse to add your image.
  • Press Post Comment to upload your entry.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • The draw will take place on October 13th 2010
  • The winner will be contacted by email
  • If we do not hear confirmation from the winner within one week that they accept the prize, the draw will be redrawn
  • By submitting your email address, you are allowing Dialaphone to contact you via your email address given.  You may opt out of this at any time
  • No purchase necessary.  Only one entry per household.
  • Employees of Dialaphone and their relatives are ineligible to enter the prize draw as are all persons under 18 years and anyone residing outside the UK mainland
  • No cash alternatives
  • We reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of the same value or higher


63 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME! Win a Nokia N8!

  1. My phone is so old the internet sites wont even quote on it! It has no video and no camera – which according to my friends is pretty standard. Its so rubbish, even my two year old wont touch it; and to top it off its held together with tape :-(

  2. I think I should win this brilliant Nokia as my current phone – looks like the above! After my brand new phone being stolen on my birthday in Febuary, my sister gave me hers as a replacement. I would love to have this shiny Nokia and to not be scared of cutting myself when answering my phone anymore!

  3. My phone is a Nokia 2730 classic which is the bottom of the range but with this awsome Nokia, i would be able to take MILES better pics of motorsports including my favorite F1 and be in POLE POSITION against any other mobile :)

  4. Winning this would really make me feel on top of the world..and my main camera is way too bulky to take everywhere with me but it would be wonderful to have such a great phone that has such a good camera on board to take those spur of the moment photos

  5. i want this phone.:( ive been entering compititions with years and still didnt win anything. please let me win this phone. my phone is broken and have no phone at the moment.

  6. How much would I love this phone? I love photography, and a chance to capture the best moments, in an instant, as my children grow up – priceless! Can’t do that with my current old and basic mobile, sadly….

  7. Who doesnt love a good phone? Obviously, the N8 will be going to Africa with me, I will be using photo editing on it, and will be taking pictures with it. Very fun!

  8. It’s about time i jioned the 21st century and got a mobile phone and what better way to start,besides i’m getting fed up using public phone box’s pushing button B and not getting my money back….hooray for technology

  9. Pah! The people with the Nokia’s and such should be very happy, for I am currently using this beast… the Philips C12!

    i’ve had to resort to using my first ever phone, I’m pretty sure I got it in 2000, so it’s 10 years old now, and much more beaten up than the one in the photo.

    No Cam, No Pic Messaging, no custom ringtones, in fact pretty much any feature on a phone isn’t here! Don’t you just love the little screw-off Ariel, and the old-school giant sim cards :)

    P.S. I think the fruit is in this photo to represent the much better signal quality on a banana than this phone!

  10. I still have, and use, an ancient Nokia – it’s a brick but it is still, and always will be, just the phone for me – except that I REALLY should drag myself into the 21st century

  11. Since 1990 something ? I have owned 3 phones…the first one was a very large (compared with todays sizes) A Motorola…the second was a Nokia (which I still use on holiday ) the third one is also a Nokia which was a Chistmas present a few years ago, and again , I use every day, I would like to be “With It” with a new phone though, just to show off to my Grand-Children…..I would be a cool super-gran !!!

  12. I deserve to win a Nokia N8 because I have endured years of mocking at the hands of my five children because of my embarrassingly antiquated and beaten up old mobile phone. I want them to think I am hip and cool, with the most up to date Nokia phone on the market! (And in a bizarre twist of fortunes…I’d finally have a better phone than they do!!) Please help!!!!

  13. This looks like another amazing phone from nokia. The thing i like the most is it does not matter what model of nokia you have, you know they all basically function the same. Great prize for who ever wins. I hope its me :-D

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