Perfume Bottle…Mobile Phone – Same Thing Really!

Katie Price (do we still have to say a.k.a Jordan, or does everyone know who she is now?!) has been in trouble this week, and picked up a fine and points on her license for erratic driving. At court, prosecutors said that Price had dangerously swerved in the road because she was using her mobile phone, an accusation that the glamour model has denied.

Katie described herself as a “typical woman driver”, a statement that we beg to differ with – we have never seen any other woman behind the wheel of a 7.5 tonne bright pink horsebox, but maybe we lead sheltered lives! The big thing that Katie wanted to get off her chest was that she wasn’t actually using her mobile while driving at all and was in fact, applying perfume. Again, we do feel that we have to point out that “typical woman drivers” usually apply their perfume before they set off, or maybe when they have stopped at traffic lights.

Anyway, to give Katie the benefit of the doubt we’ve conducted a scientific investigation.

According to Google Images, Katie Price’s perfumes (surely she wears her own perfume?) all come in clear glass bottles with large crystal lids and contain pale pink liquid. We’ve tried, but we can’t quite find a mobile phone that really looks like one of these perfumes. However Katie Price is very rich, so perhaps she’s glammed-up her mobile phone to look like her perfume range. Yes, that will be it.

Just a little reminder – it is illegal to use your mobile when driving, so please don’t do it.

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