Karaoke Lovers Should Download iPhone’s Lyric Legend

Do you own an iPhone? Do you love free apps? Are you a big fan of music? Do you have a good sense of rhythm? Do you enjoy karaoke? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you should consider downloading Lyric Legend, a free iPhone app that is getting a lot of media attention right now.

A Fun Rhythm Game

This free app is especially popular with people who enjoy strategic time based games.  (For example, if you like Dance Dance Revolution then you’ll like this app.) Song lyrics float onto the screen inside coloured balls, the goal is to hit the words of the song as they are being sung. Your score improves when you select the lyrics at the right time. .

Interactive Competition

Incase you’re the competitive type, you can upload your scores online to compare against yourself as well as compete with other players. The scoreboard ranks players in different categories based on the difficulty of songs and you can easily see where you place in comparison to others In addition to the scoreboard, you can experience more immediate competition when playing Lyric Legend by setting the game into multi-player mode on your phone and playing with others around you.


This game is a creation from TuneWiki, a company that is focused on the emerging area of social music. Mobile phones are the ideal platform for social music since they provide all-in-one access to music libraries and online social interaction.

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