Can’t Hear Because You’re Listening To Your iPhone? There’s An App For That

In what’s either an extremely intelligent app or a parody of Apple’s “Selling things to solve problems our previous device created” strategy, the Awareness app takes the music-listener’s inability to hear the outside world and solves it with software.  Developed by “essency”, the app constantly listens to the outside world for you and transmits anything loud – and presumably urgent – enough in through your headphones. So now its official: iPhone elitists really can screen the outside world.

By manually setting the decibel limit you don’t have to listen to all the other idiots on the bus, but if one starts screaming “GET OUT THE BUS IS ON FIRE!” that’ll be overlaid onto the music. As well as being an excellent safety device, you could turn any track into a techno remix by hanging around a building site. In fact, it’s such a sensible mobile phone upgrade we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple acquired it for a future software update – with the media desperately trying to find something terrible to say about phones, from the weekly cancer scare to desperate attempts to make “Idiot walks into lamppost” stories sound like the phone’s fault, they’d be stupid not to.

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