How to Record a Video on Samsung Wave

Your Samsung Wave handset comes with built-in video capture, playback and streaming. This is the complete guide to recording a video using this phone.

Getting to the Video Recorder

To access your video recorder, turn on your camera. Rotate the phone to landscape view. Select the icon on the top left of the screen that looks like a camera. This will get you into video recording mode.

Choosing Basic Video Recorder Settings

Before you begin recording, you can alter some very basic settings directly from the screen. These settings include:

  • Zoom. Use the volume button on the phone to zoom in or out.
  • Set the recording mode. Press the button of the left of the screen that looks like two people to change the recording mode. You can set it as a normal mode or a mode to attach to an MMS message to share with others.
  • Change the flash setting. On the top right of the screen you will see the flash icon. Press this to turn the flash on, off or to manual.
  • Adjust brightness. Below the flash setting is a brightness setting. Use the + and – options to change the brightness levels of the video.

Customized Camcorder Settings

There are also more detailed settings available. Press the “settings” icon on the bottom left of the camera screen. From here, you can use the following options to improve your video:

  • Select outdoor visibility to automatically improve the lighting for videos taken outside.
  • Set a timer to delay the starting time between when you push the video record button and when it actually begins recording.
  • Select “resolution” to alter the resolution to one that you prefer. Higher resolution will result in higher quality videos. However, you can record for longer periods of time if you choose a lower resolution.
  • Select “video quality” to adjust the quality level up or down. The effects of going higher or lower are similar to those of “resolution” settings.
  • Adjust the white balance of the video to provide a better colour balance in different light conditions.
  • Select the effects option to apply a special effect such as using black and white.
  • Select “adjust” to change the sharpness, contrast and saturation levels.
  • Select “audio recording” to turn sound on or off for your video.

If you ever want to reset these options to their original settings simply go into settings, choose the icon that looks like a wrench and choose “reset settings”.

Shooting Videos in Slow Motion

Another thing that you can do is shoot videos in slow motion. You don’t need to be in camera settings to do this. Simply go to the original video camera view and select the “slow motion” icon which looks like a movie camera.


After you’ve got all of the settings ready then you can record. Simply press the camera key and recording will start. Press it again to stop recording or press the “stop” button instead. The video will automatically save to the phone.

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