Christmas 2010: Google Music for Android Users

Talks have been in the works for a while about a Google Music service designed to compete with Apple’s iTunes and Wired has reported that it’s likely to be released by Christmas.

There is a huge Android vs. Apple war going on right now. The two companies are battling each other for dominance across several different markets. The most obvious competition is between the iPhone and the various Android handsets that have been released. However, the two companies are also competing in areas such as online TV and movies, software and advertising.

Apple’s iTunes store is huge and the company has had a long time to work out its kinks since the store has been in operation for over 6 years. Can Google really come in and create a service that can compete with this? Maybe.

Android phone purchases have increased dramatically in the past year. As these handsets become more and more capable of competing with the iPhone, it also gives Google Music a greater chance of being able to compete with iTunes. Of course, Google will have to sign some good licensing deals with major music labels in order to be competitive in this area.

Wired quotes one music industry executive as saying that this is possible:

“Finally here’s an entity with the reach, resources and wherewithal to take on iTunes as a formidable competitor by tying it into search and Android mobile platform … What you’ll have is a very powerful player in the market that’s good for the music business.”

Additionally, music labels are tired of the amount of control that Apple exerts in dealing with them and may be excited to work with the more relaxed approach that Google is likely to take.

Although the rumour is that Android users can expect this service as a Christmas treat this year, Google has yet to announce any specific plans.

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