How to Use Google Voice on Nexus One

Your Google Nexus One is designed to make it simple to use the Google Voice service. Here are the basic things that you’ll need to know:

  • The Google Voice icon looks like a phone inside a talk bubble. It is located on both the home screen and the Google Nexus One launcher. Tap it in either place to get to the service.
  • You can set up Google Voice just by pressing the icon and using the setup wizard.
  • Google Voice opens to the last screen that you viewed or to your inbox if you haven’t recently been into the program. If you want to go to the inbox at any time, simply press “back” until you get there.
  • The inbox organises messages using two different icons – if it’s a text then you’ll see an icon that looks like three lines and a voicemail is represented by the traditional symbol.
  • You can further organise your messages using the labels option. Press MENU and select “labels” which will sort your messages into different categories. You can also star messages just like you do in Gmail.
  • The inbox will show who left the message and will reveal a bit of it. To view the rest of the details, simply touch the message. You can also read your voice mail messages through emails in the ¬†inbox associated with your Google Voice account. If you want to listen to the voicemail instead of reading it then just press the PLAY button at the bottom of the Nexus One’s screen. Other tools you’ll see near PLAY include a pause button and a progress bar that you can move back and forth in order to hear different parts of the message.
  • While you are in a message, you can choose to delete it or reply. Start by pressing MENU. To delete the message, choose “more” and then select “delete”. To reply to the message, you can either choose “call” or “SMS”. Selecting “call” will automatically ring the person who left the message, while clicking on the “SMS” option will open another window in which you can compose a reply.
  • Some Google Voice calls cost money so you need to maintain a balance in your Google Voice account. You can only add to this amount by navigating to Google Voice in a web browser either on your phone or computer. However, you can check this balance on your phone. Just go to your inbox, press MENU and select “balance” and the remaining amount will be displayed.

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