How to Take Great Pictures with Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One comes with a 5 megapixel camera that has built-in autofocus and an LED flash. This guide can help you use it to its full advantage to take, view and share photos.

Tips and Reminders for Taking Great Photos

  • Clean the lens. This phone is prone to smudges on the camera lens. Carry a cleaning cloth with you and use it to get clearer images.
  • Learn to set manual exposures. Unlike many camera phones, the Google Nexus One lets you set manual exposures in the “camera settings” area of the phone.
  • Set the white balance. This is the easiest way to get better pictures on camera phones. Go to “camera settings” and choose from four options (incandescent, fluorescent, daylight or cloudy) for the best lighting effect.
  • Use digital zoom. Simply tap the screen to get into the zoom function.
  • Change the picture quality. Go into camera settings to change the picture quality in order to take better photos on this phone.
  • Change the picture size. This is also in your camera settings.
  • Play with focus. There are two focus options on the Nexus One – autofocus and infinity. Play around with them to see which one you like the most. Autofocus tends to produce better pictures in general.
  • Play with the flash. Usually you’ll get good pictures by using the autoflash on this camera. However, you can also turn the flash on or off manually as needed.
  • Use the colour effect. Choose to make your photos black and white or sepia when you take them instead of changing them with editing software later.

Tips for Viewing and Sharing Google Nexus One Photos

  • Use navigation and zoom when reviewing photos. Tap the screen to see these options which give you the best look at the photos you are viewing.
  • Set GPS. Go into the camera settings and set the GPS to always record where your photos are taken. This makes it easier to share them using geolocation services.
  • Use editing tools. When viewing photos, you can take advantage of some on board editing tools. Touch MENU, select “more” and then choose the editing option you want.
  • Explore your album options. There are several different ways to organise the photos in your album gallery.
  • Share photos via the gallery. This is the best way to share your photos with others. Go to the picture or album that you want to share. Press MENU twice, then “share” and select the method you want to use.

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