Google Launches New Voice Commands and Chrome to Home for Android

Announced with only a few days notice, the Google Mobile event has now finished and it was used to unveil some new additions to the Android OS. Although everything from Google Music to Android 3.0 itself was speculated as being the reason for the press conference, the reality turned out not to be quite as grandiose as many expected.

The first of the two announcements was a further raft of voice commands for Android. As with existing voice commands, you’ll be able to activate the software from the search box or by pressing and holding the Search button, then tell the phone to perform the following tasks:

  • Call. You will be able to direct a call from your contacts or even a business listed in a Google Search result.
  • Send Text. Tell the phone who to send the message to then dictate the message itself!
  • Listen To. This performs a search of various online sources for your song preference rather than the library on your phone.
  • Send Email. The same as the Text option, but with email.
  • Go To. Go straight to your website of choice.
  • Navigate To. This also includes the option to use Directions To and Map Of commands. They’re all GPS related and can respond to online business searches.

All of these new commands are applicable to Android phones running v2.2 only, and updates will have to be performed to get them.

The second new service was Chrome to Home. This pushes everything from URL’s to map data from your desktop version of Chrome to your mobile version; pretty handy if you’re finding directions or contact details and don’t want to write them down. You will need to install the relevant extension for your desktop Chrome to get this to work.

That’s it, nothing particularly groundbreaking, but the more functionality that’s added to Android, the more popular it will become.

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