Universal Chargers On The Way!

It’s a day of celebration for mobile phone-owners of all stripes, from Nokia to Samsung, and Apple to Blackberry, as the European Union is enforcing the adoption of universal chargers for all data-enabled mobile phones. We reported on these efforts a while back, but things have gotten even better with Apple joining the party. This means that all phones will have equal access to power.

The new standard is MicroUSB, meaning that almost all your mobile technology will share the same adapters. No more digging through cybernetic-rats-nests in the back of desk drawers, hunting through your friends for someone with the some brand (and sometimes, ludicrously, the same model) of phone. This one decision will eliminate hours of wasted time and truly terrifying amounts of wasted electronic equipment, and now that it’s fact only one question remains: Why on Earth did it take so long? And since we know the answer, rivalry between different brands, it extends to a much more important question: Why did we put up with that?

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