Crazy Escapes From The World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is science-fiction come to simulated life, a virtual prison that can sometimes lure its players into spending the majority of their lives on it. It’s such a spectacular success that people actually pay to maintain it, but unfortunately when these “prisoners” make it out into the real world, the results aren’t always pretty.

1.  Fake Gold Leads To Real Drugs

Trevor Miller would probably be grounded if that wasn’t already his chosen lifestyle. The 17-year old broke into unattended cars to steal credit cards, which he then used to buy virtual gold in World of Warcraft. This is criminal failure on more levels than being mugged by Master Blaster. You’d think someone with so many videogame accounts would understand that credit cards also have unique names and numbers. In fact, they’re even more important!

Second, buying gold is illegal even in the game world – it’s a cheat where people pay extra to get the game’s rewards without the bother of actually playing. It’s like bribing your younger brother to say you won at Monopoly. However, the resulting police raid found something no game cheat could get you out of, as they uncovered his parents’ marijuana plot and now they’re all up on charges.

2.  An “Unsavoury” Relationship

A 16 year old boy met a sexy woman online, and in stark defiance of everything you’ve learned about the internet, she actually was female. More precisely, a woman more than twice his age, married, and a mother of four, but as anyone familiar with 16-year old boys will tell you, he still considered this a victory.

So much so he ran away with her when she abandoned her family and crossed the continent to be with him. Luckily for the boy, he’s about as good at eloping as he is at emotional development, with police finding the couple in a nearby cinema the next day.

No charges have been filed but the relationship was deemed “unsavoury,” which is as close as the legal system can come to saying “Ewwww, we wish we could prosecute this.” He had been put into counselling but insists he’s found his soulmate – well, they do say you find love when you least expect it!

3.  For Richer, For Poorer, But For God’s Sake Get Rid Of That Orc

Scotsman Robert Cushnie conjured a six-foot physical manifestation of his imaginary world, and just like every movie where something like that happens, it nearly destroyed his life.

His wife made it very clear that it was her or it, and that’s considerably more clarity than most marriages can survive. Luckily he made the right decision, setting the giant orc free that it might terrorise other love lives and endanger – or outright prevent – future relationships for many years to come!

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