Another Windows Phone 7 Surfaces – Meet the HTC Schubert

This weekend saw the very beginning of the Windows Phone 7 insurgence. If the Asus leak didn’t get you going then perhaps this will. The Solo Palmari guys, who not that long ago brought us a clear video of the HTC HD Desire have published the first high quality vid of what could potentially become HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 handset, the HTC Schubert.

The video showcases Schubert’s attractive exterior, which is said to be made of one single sheet of aluminium, continuing the unibody styling as featured on the HTC Legend. The clip also shows a camera bezel complete with dual led flash and sadly little else.

The overall impression is sleek, curvaceous and not all that dissimilar to a certain iPhone 3GS. Check it out for yourself below.

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