How to Multitask In-Call on LG BL40

The LG BL40 is a luxurious smartphone that allows you to engage in various methods of multi-tasking while you’re in the middle of the call. These include:

  • Take advantage of the mute button. Like all phones, the LG BL40 has a mute button that you can use if you want to talk to someone privately while you have a caller on the other end of the line. Simply press the microphone on or off to activate and deactivate this function.
  • Use the phone’s speakers. Using the speaker to hear and talk on your phone is one of the best ways to keep a conversation going while you’re multi-tasking. It’s easy on the LG BL40 since you just need to tap “speaker phone on” to activate the feature.
  • Use the memo function. Make lists or notes for yourself while you’re on the phone by utilising the memo function. Choose “options” and then select the “memo” icon to start writing. You may want to use your speakerphone too.
  • Get contact information. If you need to find a number for the person you’re talking to, simply press “options” and choose the icon that looks like a phone to get access to your contacts. You can also check your text messages from the “options” menu during a call too.
  • Make a conference call. Save time by talking to two or more people at once on a conference call. On the LG BL40, press the keypad icon during your first call, then dial the second party. When they answer, press “voice”. You will see both calls on your screen. Press the + symbol to merge the conversation. If you want to talk to two parties at once but don’t want them to speak to each other, select the swap icon (this looks like two arrows forming a circle) to toggle between the calls.

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