How to Use Motorola DEXT Picture Gallery

The Motorola DEXT has a decent 5 megapixel camera which offers a really cool photo feature set. To get access to all the photo options go to “Picture Gallery” from the HOME screen.

Organising the Motorola DEXT Picture Gallery

It is really easy to find the picture that you’re looking for because there are different options to organise your images.

At the top of the screen you will see categories for your pictures. If you know what category you’ve labelled a photo with, then you can sort through these to find it.

Tap on the left of the screen to see a series of dates. If you know the approximate date of when you took the photo that you’re looking for then you can simply chose the right time period in order to find it.

Using the MENU Functions of the DEXT Picture Gallery

When you’re in the DEXT picture gallery, you can tap and hold a photo to access the MENU options for that image. These include:

  • The “set as” option, which allows you to set the photo as your DEXT’s wallpaper, your profile picture on a social networking site or for a specific contact.
  • The option to see the details of the photo by choosing “more” and then “picture info” from the MENU.
  • The option to sort your photos into a different order. To do this, select “settings” and then “picture sort” from the photo’s MENU.
  • You can also choose to delete the image from your DEXT picture gallery by selecting “delete”.

Sharing Photos from your Picture Gallery

You can easily share photos with others using the Motorola DEXT picture gallery. All you need to do is tap and hold the photo then select the option that says “share”. You will then have the option of sharing the photo via text message, email or on a social network. If you select “social sharing” you can post the photo to one or more of your social networks.

Use DEXT to Watch Photo Slideshows

To watch a slideshow of your images, tap any photo and then select the slideshow icon (which looks like a right-pointing arrow inside of a box). Watch the full slideshow or stop it anytime by tapping the display screen.

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