A Collection of HTC Codenames Leaked. Windows Phone 7 Devices?

As a parting gift to HTC phone fans around the world, following the closing of business at Shipped.ROM, now ex-WinMo modder Conflipper has thrown a collection of HTC phone codenames out into the wild, giving rise to the rumour that several could be future Windows Phone 7 devices.

As with previous HTC codenames, these have a running theme Рthat of music and dance Рfitting in rather nicely with the other mystery HTC phones which are believed to run Windows Phone 7; the HTC Mozart and HTC Schubert. Additionally, we can expect the HTC Salsa, the Swing, Maestro and the Tango.

The HTC Motion, Blitz, Sage and Vienna are also listed, but these don’t fit with the above theme so could be running Android instead.¬†Naturally, these are all subject to many changes as not all codenames end up on final devices or even make it to the shelves at all.

Doesn’t matter though, we never tire of matching up codenames with the final product!

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