How to Multitask on iPhone 4

One of the most talked-about features of the new iPhone is the fact that it allows multi-tasking. Make sure that you know everything about using this feature with our helpful, handy guide.

4 Things to Know for Best Multi-Tasking

Maximise your use of multitasking on the iPhone with the following tips:

  1. Update iTunes and apps. All of your apps are going to work best for multitasking if you download the latest versions of them. Make sure your iTunes is also up to date.
  2. Get familiar with the new multitasking interface. Double-tap on the iPhone’s central HOME button and you’ll immediately see a multi-tasking menu from which you can navigate. Your phone will remember where you left off in each app and will easily return you to that place when you go back to the app from this interface.
  3. Take advantage of notifications. You can receive various alerts and notifications from third parties in real time without interrupting whatever it is that you’re already doing on the iPhone. Want to see the latest sports scores as soon as they’re ready? That’s possible with alert-based multi-tasking.
  4. Having multi-tasking doesn’t mean you have to use it. There may be times that you want to focus on just one activity on your iPhone. Just turn off the apps you have running in the background and you’ll return yourself to simpler times!

5 Things You May Want to Run in the Background

There are five core things that you may want to run on your iPhone 4 while you’re doing other things. Those are:

  1. Music. Music is great with the new multitasking features. When you have it playing, a little remote control will show up on the bottom multitasking menu and you can use this to navigate through the music without leaving the current screen.
  2. Twitter. The newest version of Twitter allows you to upload photos and videos which you can do in the background on your iPhone 4 while you also do other things. Plus you can easily access Twitter to update it if you’re running it in the background.
  3. Skype. You can lock your iPhone but still receive Skype calls with this running in the background. And you can talk on Skype while doing other things on your handset.
  4. GPS. Leaving GPS on allows you to update others as your location using various services. It also lets the iPhone give you turn-by-turn directions even while you’re doing other things on the phone. As we increasingly use location-based services, running GPS in the background makes more and more sense.
  5. Instant Messaging. If you want people to be able to reach you at all times then you may want to add your favourite IM options to your iPhone 4. Running them in the background lets people contact you through IM regardless of what you are doing on the device.

Don’t Forget to Quit Apps You Aren’t Using

One of the drawbacks of multi-tasking on the iPhone is that you can easily forget how many apps you are running in the background. This can drain your battery life faster than you would like. Get in the habit of periodically checking the apps that are running and quitting the ones that you aren’t actually using in order to prolong battery length on your iPhone 4. To close an app that’s open, just double-tap to reach your multitasking menu, hold down the icon for the app you want to close and then press the delete option on the left corner of the icon.

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