How to Use LG Pop MP3 Player

Learning to use a mobile phone today is a lot more than just working out how to make a call. If you haven’t got around to figuring out the how-to’s of your LG Pop’s mp3 player yet, then this guide should help you out.

To Play Music From Your Home Screen

Tap the top of your screen and you will see your status summary. On the bottom left hand corner of this is an icon of musical notes. Press that button to play your music.

To Access The MP3 Player

Go to MENU then your entertainment settings and choose music. From here you can access all of your music information. You will also find your playlists here and other features such as shuffle.

To Use Options on a Track

There are several options available within the MP3 menu. To play a particular song, simply tap its title. You will then see a screen open up with the album art for the track in the centre. From here, you can do things like minimise the music player, change the equaliser settings on the song for better sound or even send it to someone else. You can also add a track to a playlist here.

Sleep Mode

If you like to fall asleep listening to music, this is the option for you! You can programme your phone to play music for a certain amount of time then shut off automatically so it doesn’t drain your battery all night. Go to the options menu, select “sleep mode” from the list and choose the amount of time you want your phone to stay on for. Select “on” from the centre of the circle that you see on the screen. Save your settings.

Rate Tracks

This is useful if you want to create a favourites playlist. Just play your chosen track, select the rating area on the bottom left of the track’s screen and rate your music with 1-5 stars.

Music Player Widget Application

If you want to access your player directly from your homescreen, you can use the phone’s widget app (it’s a set of music notes that are located on the bottom bar.) Tap this icon to move it. Simple!

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  1. Do you have any problems with playing playlists? On my GW520, I can make a playlist and add tracks to it but I caqn’t find anyway to actually “select” the playlist to play it?

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