Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories that you may have missed this week:

1.  Sidekick Discontinued in US.

Although we never saw the device in the UK, the T-Mobile Sidekick was a popular choice for younger phone buyers stateside, but now it has been announced that the current Sidekick LX will be the last of its type, as it has been discontinued by T-Mobile. The phone was engineered by Danger, a part of Microsoft, who also cancelled the European launch – and any further products – in its Kin range this week. We’ve got a request, no more cancelled/discontinued phones this week please!

2.  Here MeeGo!

We reported on Nokia’s decision to drop their Symbian OS in favour of MeeGo on their top-range Nseries phones earlier this week, and now we can see some screenshots of the new OS courtesy of the official MeeGo blog. Those interested in seeing MeeGo in action should take a look at this video too:

3.  HTC Vision First With Android 3.0?

This is little more than a possibility at the moment, but with a spec like this, it’s an exciting one! The Vision is potentially one of the first smartphones to use a dual-core processor and could be a T-Mobile USA exclusive. Other possible specs include a 4.3″ screen, a QWERTY keyboard and an 8 megapixel camera.

4.  Orange in Trouble Over Ad.

An Orange 3G TV advert has been the subject of a complaint made by none other than rival network, 3.  In the advert, Orange say they cover more people than any other UK operator, a statement 3 say isn’t true, as they offer more coverage than Orange. The ASA ruled in favour of 3 and Orange have withdrawn the ad.

5.  N900 Running Android.

This is what the N900 is for; geeky folk tinkering away and making it do cool things! The N900 is a great little device and it has been crying out for Android for a while, even if this is a little basic. Take a look at this video showing the N900 running none other than Android 2.2, making it one of the few handsets that currently does!

6.  India Gets Solar Samsung Phone.

The LG Pop may have been available with a solar panel accessory, but Samsung have made such a panel standard on their E1107 phone, destined for the Indian market. The panel covers the battery on the back of the phone and can provide 5-10 minutes of talktime after an hour of solar charging.

7.  Sony Ericsson Create Mash-App.

If you use a Sony Ericsson Android phone, this new site, recently launched by the company itself, could be your gateway to discovering great apps inside the Android Market. Join up, create lists of your favourite apps – called Mash-Apps – or browse other people’s lists. A great idea!

8.  Wafer-thin, Colour Changing Concept Phone!

This stunning concept device is called the Kambalaphone, and is made from a futuristic flexible polymer which takes on the colour of your skin when you hold it next to your ear.  The built-in earpiece keeps it in place and it becomes almost invisible!

9.  An Expensive iPhone 4.

If you think the regular price for an iPhone 4 is high, then look away now, as Russian custom phone maker Gresso has created a casing for the iPhone 4 made of 200-year old African Blackwood – one for him and one for her – with Swarovski crystals embedded in the ladies version. If you want the male version it’s $3000, or the female version is yours for $3500!

10.  More Expensive iPhone 4s.

Created by Stuart Hughes, maker of various luxury – read obscene – gadgets, this iPhone 4 is encrusted with real diamonds all around the edges and over the Apple logo. It costs £12,995 and comes with an Ostrich foot case. Seriously, who buys these things?

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