Make Life Easy if You Lose Your Motorola Dext

We’ve all been there when we’ve felt for our phone, realised it’s not there and subsequently, hit the panic stations. If you have a Motorola Dext, you’ve got no worries when it comes to your mobile going for walkies, as you can remotely locate your device and clear its data if someone else has it. This is done using Motoblur which you should have created an account for when you first turned on the Dext.

If you lose your phone, try to locate it before you jump to conclusions. After all, it might just be down the side of the sofa. Go to your Motoblur account online and select “locate device”. A map will pop up to show you where your phone is so you’ll know if it’s in your house, at the restaurant where you had dinner the night before or over at your ex’s place – uh oh!

So your ex has your phone and who knows what they’ll do with it! Firstly, breathe, then clear your phone to make it useless by going back to the Motoblur window and selecting “wipe device”. Enter your password to complete the process. Every cloud has a silver lining though, as all your data can be restored when you get your phone back – phew!

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