How to Utilize Motorola Dext Security Lock

Your Motorola Dext is designed so that you can easily lock your screen. This keeps unwanted noses out of your business and also stops you from pocket dialling people by accident. To enable this feature, start by going to MENU then choosing “settings” and selecting “security and location”.

Turn the Screen Lock On and Off

After selecting “security and location”, scroll down to “screen lock” and choose whether to turn this on or off by tapping it.

Add a Security Lock

This allows you to choose a pattern or password to prevent other people from being able to unlock the screen. From “security and location” scroll down and select “security lock”. Choose “security lock type”. Decide whether you want to draw a pattern or choose a password. For the pattern option, select “pattern lock” and follow the directions on the screen. If you’d rather use a password, select “passcode lock”. Enter it twice to confirm that you have set it properly.

To Lock and Unlock the Phone

Now that you’ve set up the security lock, you need to know how to use it. To lock your phone, simply press the power button. Wait for the screen to time out then turn the mobile off. To unlock your phone again, turn it on and press MENU. Enter your pattern or password and access will be granted!

Change the Amount of Time You Have Before the Phone Automatically Locks

From “security and location” you can select an option called “screen timeout”. This allows you to enter a time period. If your phone hasn’t been touched during the time allocated then it will automatically be locked.

If You Forget Your Pattern or Password

You aren’t locked out of your phone forever if this happens, but you will need to restore the device back its original factory settings first. Press MENU and choose “settings”. Select “SD card and phone storage”. Select “factory data reset”. While you will be able to get into your locked phone now, all your Motorola DEXT data will be deleted so this should always be a last resort.

Change your lock screen picture

Go to MENU. Choose “settings”. Select “display and security”. Choose “wallpaper settings”. Select a lock screen picture that you like.

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