New “Nokia N9″ Photos Add Fuel to the Rumours Fire

We reported yesterday about the leaked photo of the potential Nokia N9 device, and it seems to love all the attention. While the prototype isn’t giving much away, only known at the moment as “Nokia C0,” these latest photos are just plain teasing us.
The revelation of this new device has certainly left some confused. As the pictures and video show, it’s clearly running off the Symbian^3 platform which Nokia recently announced to be axing from their N-Series line. Then again, nothing is certain that this will be the N9 of course (despite the guy in the video referring to it as that!). If we were being logical, the prototype name suggests we could be looking at the next C-Series model, but some speculation is pointing towards it being an E-Series device too. Oh the questions!

Either way, we don’t think it’ll be too long before Nokia step in to put our minds at rest.

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