Of Mobile Phones and Bribes

Would you bribe someone to get a mobile phone? If not then you might be surprised to find out about all of the different types of cell phone bribes that have happened around the world in recent years.

Sudatel Bribe for Mobile Phone Licensing

One of the most high-profile cases of mobile phone bribery was a recent issue that arose in Sudan. It was revealed that Sudatel, the country’s telecommunications company, spent millions to bribe politicians in Senegal. The result was that Sudatel was issued a mobile phone license to become the third mobile network operator in Senegal. They beat out eleven other companies that were trying to get a mobile phone license in Senegal.

Iraq Cell Phone Bribery

Senegal is hardly the only country that has experienced bribery for mobile phone contracts. Back in 2004 there were reports that cell phone contracts in Iraq were being awarded based on bribes. Cash payments were made to Iraqi officials in exchange for getting mobile phone licenses in three major areas of Iraq.

Alcatel Exec Sent To Prison

Last year headlines were made by Alcatel-Lucent when it was discovered that an executive of the company paid millions in bribes to secure mobile phone contracts in Costa Rica as well as in other countries. He faced up to ten years in prison as a result of this crime.

Million: A Student Bribe

If you want your children to do well in school then you just might bribe them. Parents frequently reward their children’s good grades which is a form of bribery. However, it isn’t too often that the schools themselves offer bribes to kids to do well. That’s precisely what started happening in some New York schools in 2008 when they launched a program called Million. Through this program, middle schools were bribed with free cell phones from the New York City Department of Education if they did well in their classes.

School Officer Demands Bribe for Return of Cell Phone

Once a student has a mobile phone, they have to be careful with at school. Many schools don’t allow mobile phones. That’s because they can cause trouble. In one case, a 30-year-old school safety official found a student’s phone that she lost at school. When she tried to get the phone back, he demanded a bribe of $200. The man ended up being arrested and charged.

Prison Guards Accept Bribes By Prisoners Who Want Cell Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in prison. However it’s common knowledge that a lot of contraband gets sneaked into prisons and that includes cell phones. Inmates have been known to spend hundreds to bribe prison guards to sneak cell phones into the prison for them.

Bribery to Avoid Cell Phone Laws

Many places now have mobile phone driving laws that prohibit calling and / or texting on cell phones while you are driving. An officer can pull you over and charge you for the crime and you will be fined. Reports indicate that in some locations it is common for people to try to bribe the officers with money in order to be let off the hook. Of course, it’s never smart to try to bribe a police officer to get out of trouble but in some areas this does apparently happen. In another type of related bribery, corrupt police officers in Kenya have been caught using the latest mobile technology to accept bribes to let people off the hook for a variety of offences.

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