Phone Companies Try (and Fail) To Charge You More

Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and O2: they’re all names you know, they’re all major mobile providers, and they’ve all been arguing with the European Court of Justice for the right to charge you up to a 500% mark up when you travel around Europe.

The spectrum of roaming charges is enough to make the chattiest traveller phone-phobic (especially as you get charged just for being called, in an exact reversal of the way things are meant to work). This problem got so bad, the international courts got involved, and when pan-national legal bodies have to step in to deal with consumer charges you realise someone was taking the mick (and all your money).

The EU put a maximum limit on international calling charges in 2007, though they won’t be enforced until 2011, and the companies have been spending every moment since then trying to overturn the ruling.¬†Fortunately the good old days of 2.5 euro/minute calls could really be behind us, as the courts were unimpressed by the industry’s arguments of “But we’ll make less money this way!”

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