Three New Sony Ericsson Phones Leaked

We have seen Sony Ericsson’s Xperia range grow from a single device, the X1, to encompass the X2 and their range of Android phones in the shape of the X10 family.  Now though, we have a selection of new faces to add to the ever-expanding collection.

The first is codenamed Shakira and is a device along the lines of the X10 Mini, but with a bigger screen.  Just to confuse us all though, it will be smaller than the X10, so we’re guessing the screen will be 3″-3.5″.  Shakira shares almost exactly the same design as the Mini, but loses its squat looks in favour of the full-size X10′s more standard shape.

The second phone doesn’t have a codename as yet, but it does have a 5″ screen and appears to be another QWERTY slider, so we could hazard a guess and say this is the successor to the X2.  Both the slider and Shakira are likely to run Android v2.1 and are expected to be released towards the end of the year, which knowing Sony Ericsson, means they should really have been announced by now!

Finally we have the W150 TeaCake, which isn’t a member of the Xperia family but is, as keen SE watchers will already have noticed by the presence of a W in its name, a Walkman-branded device.

The TeaCake shares a similar look the the X10 Mini and also runs Android, but in aging v1.5 form.  The screen is said to be 2.6″ and the phone will have a 5 megapixel camera.  If the rumours are correct, the W150 should be announced later this month.

We wonder, will every Sony Ericsson phone look like the X10 Mini from now on?

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