Latest Figures Show Huge Smartphone Growth

It almost goes without saying that the smartphone has been a huge success, but with these new figures from Gartner, it becomes clear just how much of a success they really are.

The first quarter figures for 2010 show a world recovering from recession, as sales of mobiles in general have risen by 17% to 314 million global sales, however after isolating the smartphones, we see a jump of 49% over this time last year and a total of 54.3 million sold! This equates to the best performance since 2006.

In terms of manufacturer market share, Nokia remain top dog, but their percentage dropped by 1.2% to 35%, however with second place Samsung still trailing on 20%, they aren’t in any danger of losing their spot just yet. LG came in third with a 9% market share.

But the real movement came when we once more isolate the smartphones, as Android has moved to fourth position ahead of Microsoft. Apple remained third but showed considerable growth, with RIM second and Symbian still number one; but just like Nokia, Symbian took a 4.5% hit and fell to 44%.

This is obviously bad news for Microsoft, whose Windows Phone 7 OS can’t come soon enough. But will it be too little, too late? Apple continues to charge forward, as do RIM, and Android has already relegated them to fifth and shows no sign of slowing down. Can they really change their fortunes around and pull back all the customers lost to the new ‘big four’? There are still about six months to go until we find out.

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