Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories that you may have missed this week:

1.  Office 2010 for WinMo6.5!

There is life in the old OS yet, especially as the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010 – the mobile version at least – is available as a free download through Windows Marketplace. We’re willing to bet this boosts business sales of 6.5 based handsets, as all of the 2010 editions handle cloud computing and Outlook 2010.

2.  Nokia Remembers the Good Old Days, Wants Them Back.

Nokia have put Anssi Vanjoki in charge of a sector of the company dedicated to building new smartphones. This is the man who gave us the N95, arguably one of the best smartphone’s ever made and right at the top of Nokia’s greatest handset list. Can he do it again? We can’t wait to find out!

3.  Froyo To Turn Phone into Wi-Fi Hotspot!

The next version of Android, v2.2, will include an option to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling any Wi-Fi equipped device nearby to connect to it and make use of the 3G data connection.

4.  Android Ported Again!

If Android running on an iPhone wasn’t enough, how about scrapping Maemo and replacing it with v2.1 on a Nokia N900? See it in action on video here. All this porting rarely makes much sense, but the N900 is a great piece of hardware and having the latest and greatest Android OS installed is pretty exciting. How about it Nokia?

5. UK iPad Tariffs Revealed.

Just before the pre-orders started on Monday, Orange, Vodafone and O2 revealed their tariffs designed for Apple’s 3G tablet. Orange have four different options, ranging from a £2 daily rate for 1GB to 10GB per month for £25, Vodafone have just two options with £10 per month getting 1GB and £25 getting 5GB and finally, O2 split them with three options with 500MB per day for £2, 1GB per month for £10 and 3GB per month for £25. Subscriptions may be needed for some tariffs.

6.  No Skype for WinPho7?

There are very few details on this at present, only the fact that Dan Neary, a Skype VP for Asia Pacific has said they won’t be producing a client for the next Microsoft mobile phone operating system, just yet anyway. So while there is still hope Skype will arrive someday, it’s not likely that it will be there at launch. That’s not going to help at all.

7.  Facebook Standard in iPhone OS 4?

There is much talk about a Facebook application becoming a standard app inside the next version of iPhone OS. If so, this could lead to a fully integrated contact and message list, plus adoption of Facebook Connect. Will Twitter follow?

8.  Samsung I5801 Leaked.

Appearing in a video, this is another Android phone from Samsung, but without the Galaxy name attached. The phone has Android v2.1 and Bluetooth v3.0, plus the usual microSD card storage, Wi-Fi and 3G.

9.  Anything You Can Do…

Bing Maps is already pretty good, but Microsoft have gone a step further – firmly in Google’s footsteps actually – and added free voice-guided navigation to Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Currently it’s only for AT&T subscribers in the USA, but there is every chance it’ll make its way across the world in time.

10.  Charge Your Phone on the Move.  Look Stupid.

Battery packs to charge phones on the move are rarely the most svelte of accessories, even those built-in to iPhone cases, but this one is probably one of the least attractive you can find. The USB Wrist Band Battery is as it sounds – a giant bracelet with a USB connection to charge your phone or handheld console. It’s only $35.00 in terms of money, but the cost to your dignity is immeasurable!

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