Cameron Bans Cabinet From Using Phones

Whatever your opinion of the coalition government, and we really couldn’t care less if we lived on the ex-planet of Pluto, you have to admit that one of David Cameron’s first actions as Prime Minister demonstrates great leadership: he’s banned Blackberrys and phones from cabinet meetings.  For this alone we’d like to declare him President-For-Life of every cinema in the country (and give him the power to administer capital punishment.)

The regulation is a return to strength for standards against mobile phones – they used to be banned in parliament, but were then allowed in as long as they remained in ‘silent’ mode. Which is telling everyone “It’s okay to be distracted by all manner of electronic rubbish while running the country as long as we can’t hear you” The new ban should serve as an example to every office meeting in the country – you may think you’re just checking your mail, but every time you text anything during a meeting you’re saying “My time is for more valuable than that of everyone else in this room, and I won’t even bother looking at you while I announce that.”

Unfortunately, legislation to enforce the ban with whips or tazers hasn’t gone through yet.

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