Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories that you may have missed this week:

1.  Freedom is the Right of All LG Phones.

LG have announced a starter Android mobile phone called the LG Optimus.  The touchscreen phone has a 3 megapixel camera, DivX/XviD support, a microSD card slot, GPS and 3.5mm headphone socket.  The Optimus has the model number of GT540, which was previously associated with the LG Swift and is out in Europe next month.  ‘Till all are one!

2.  Nokia X2 Debuts, Confuses Everyone.

So now we have two phones called the X2.  Excellent move.  Nokia’s X2 is not a smartphone though; it’s a simple candybar with a 2.2″ screen, but it does pack a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card storage, a 3.5mm headphone socket and Bluetooth 2.1.  Probably a better, more usable buy than Sony Ericsson’s effort then!

3.  Nokia Still Number One.

Although Samsung briefly passed Nokia to claim the top slot in UK market share, Nokia have retaken the position and extended a healthy 4% gap over the Korean giant.

4.  Opera Proves Popular on the iPhone.

After less than a month of having it available, the iPhone now occupies the top slot for Opera Mini usage in the USA, and the number one spot in Europe, beating established Opera Mini platforms from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

5.  Froyo Set to be Flashy!

There has been a lot of talk concerning operating systems which don’t have Flash support recently, but here’s some about one that will – the next big update of Android.  Entitled Froyo, Android v2.2 will add full Flash 10.1 support and is destined for release later on this year.

6.  Nokia N8 Video Sample Looks Good.

Excited about the next Nseries phone from Nokia, and its ability to shoot 720p video?  If you are, you need to head over to Nokia Conversations where a stunning example of the video performance has been posted.  Expand it to full screen to be mightily impressed.

7.  Forget About the GW990.

The Moblin-running, Moorestown-equipped LG GW990 was a highlight of Mobile World Congress this year, but LG have spoiled our hopes of seeing it on the shelves by announcing the phone was a concept, designed to merely tease!

8.  Apple Prepares for June.

Why?  For the Worldwide Developers Conference, where for the last few years a new iPhone has made its public debut.  Will June 7th this year be the second public appearance for the iPhone 4G that has been plastered all over the press recently?  Here’s hoping!

9.  Fennec Headed for Android?

Mozilla’s mobile version of Firefox, also known as Fennec, is currently available for Nokia’s Maemo platform only, but a new build has appeared on the Mozilla Labs site for Android.  The software is described as ‘experimental’, so caution is needed if you’re looking for a solid, stable final version.  Otherwise, give it a try!

10.  US School Jams Phones, Quickly Regrets It.

A Texas school for ‘beauty’ used a device called a phone jammer to stop mobile phones ringing during class and disturbing lectures.  It’s just a shame that the jammer is an illegal product in the US – it was sold by a UK-based company – and the school now faces a $25,000 fine after AT&T noted the disruption to their service!

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