Free Navigation for UK Android Users!

What a pleasant surprise! The UK has looked at the US’s free Google Maps Navigation feature with envious eyes ever since it was released with Android v2.0 back in October last year. But now Google has announced its release for the UK market and best of all, it’s available for download today from the Android Market!

If you have an Android phone running v1.6 or higher, then adding the new application will bring voice-guided navigation to the usual Google Maps image along with Street View too, plus the Voice Search feature has been enabled to allow you to perform searches of the surrounding area on the move.

We also presume that the Traffic View is present, which sees an indicator change from green to yellow to red in order to alert you to upcoming traffic issues. The Car Dock mode makes it easier to use all the navigation features by changing the icons to large, easy to read and press items; but you’ll need to use at least Android v2.0 for this to work.

Naturally, Google Maps Navigation needs a data connection over 3G to work, so make sure your tariff covers this. Otherwise, get downloading!

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