How to Improve Photos on your LG Pop

Learning to use the advanced photo settings on your camera phone is important. Here are some tips for taking better photos on your LG Pop:

  • Locate your advanced settings. It is simple to find the advanced settings on the Pop. In the camera setting on the phone, look at the left bottom corner. You will see a circular symbol inside of a black square. This is where your advanced settings are located. Press it to change those settings.
  • Change the quality of the pictures that you take. This immediately improves your photos. You can choose between formal, fine and super fine. Superfine is the best setting. However, do note that your file size will increase so you will be able to store fewer photos with this setting. The photos you do store will be of much higher quality, though.
  • Change photo size. This is another way to change picture size if you need to store more or fewer photos. It also offers preset selections, if you want to take a picture that is the correct size for a certain place on the phone (such as the home screen). Choose from six different options here: 3M (2048×1536), 2M (1600×1200), 1M (1280×960), VGA (640×480), Home screen and QVGA(320X240).
  • Play around with the white balance on your phone’s camera. Changing this setting can improve the colouring on your photo. White balance effectively removes unrealistic light from an image and replaces it with more realistic, favourable light. There is a lot to learn about this if you really want to take good pictures. However, simply playing around with the settings on your camera phone will give you a good idea about which settings create the best photos in different types of light. You can choose from five settings on your LG Pop: automatic, incandescent, sunny, cloudy or fluorescent. The names will guide you in choosing the right setting for different types of light.
  • Modify the colour effect. This is a simple camera editing function that you can use in LG Pop to alter photos as you take them. You can choose to create black and white photos, sepia photos or photos that are the negative of the image that you are taking. You can leave this setting off if you want normal photos. This is a fun little way to create interesting photos with your phone.

From the advanced settings, you can also do a number of other things. For example, this is where you will locate the self-timer on your LG Pop so that you can use it to take photos that you are in. It is also where you can switch to night mode. You can even change the sound of the shutter from this place. Take some time to get to know these advanced settings. You’ll take better pictures with your LG Pop and you’ll also have more fun using the phone’s camera.

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