Reasons to Purchase Samsung Wave S8500

The Samsung Wave s8500 is set to be released in the UK on May 17th. This new smartphone by has received a lot of attention, and rightfully so since it is the first handset to debut the company’s new Bada OS. People have mixed opinions about whether or not we need a new smartphone OS. And many people aren’t sure if this phone is going to make it in the market due, in part to the fact that Samsung is competing with itself by releasing this phone so close to the release of the Galaxy S i9000. (The latter phone is set to follow in a few months.) Nevertheless, there are some solid reasons that you might consider purchasing this phone.

Reasons to buy the new Samsung Wave s8500:

It’s the first DivX HD certified mobile phone.

The Samsung Wave is a terrific smartphone for people who enjoy watching videos on their handsets. It is the first phone that supports DixX HD video playback at a resolution of 720p. This means that you will be able to watch videos in a really crisp high-quality format right from the device. Of course, you will need to purchase a memory card in order to be able to hold all of the files for such high-quality movies. The Galaxy S i9000 is also expected to be certified for DivX HD video playback at 720p resolution when it comes out in a few months but the Samsung Wave will still hold the distinction of being the first.

It is the first phone to use the new “Hummingbird” chipset.

The Samsung Wave is the first handset to incorporate a new energy-efficient 1 GHz chip called the ARM Cortex A8 (and better known as “Hummingbird”). This chip is fast and powerful. In fact, it’s the fastest ARM Cortex chip to date. Of course, this means that your mobile phone will also be fast and powerful. What people really love about it, though, is that it’s also energy-efficient. This means that the battery of the Samsung Wave won’t get drained just because the chip is fast and powerful. This chip is a competitor to the popular 1 GHz Snapdragon chip that is used in many phones to date and may end up being the more popular choice as more handsets begin to use it. Again, Samsung Wave will have the honour of having been the first.

This is a terrific camera phone.

The Samsung Wave s8500 hasn’t gained a lot of attention for being a great camera phone. However, it really holds its own in the camera phone market today and is a great choice for someone who wants a smartphone that also takes great pictures. The camera is a 5megapixel camera which, although not outstanding, is a very respectable megapixel size for a smartphone camera. The camera comes with an LED flash, which assists you in taking high-quality photos indoors. The auto-focus feature, along with smile recognition, face recognition and blink detection all help to make it really simple to take photos with this camera phone. And once you’ve taken the photos, you can geo-tag them using the phone’s GPS.

It features a super AMOLED display.

The AMOLED display is something that a lot of people are seeking in their smartphones. With this type of display, you get brighter, richer colours on your phone. This enhances the experience of viewing everything from web pages to photos on this handset. The Samsung Wave doesn’t just have a regular AMOLED display; it has a super AMOLED display which is an improved version of the screen. With the new display, the brights are brighter and the blacks are far more black than they are on the original AMOLED screens. This makes for a really terrific viewing experience on the Samsung Wave.

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