Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories that you may have missed this week:

1.  Palm Planning Second UK Assault?

The Palm Pre could hardly be described as a big seller in the UK, but this doesn’t look like it has put Palm off bringing their Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to our shores in the future.  Dates have not been talked about as yet, but the phones have both been approved for sale in the EU, so it could be soon.

2.  Symbian^3 Feature Poll Revealed.

Nokia asked readers of its Conversations blog to tell them what they were most interested in seeing on the Symbian^3 OS planned for later this year.  Of the 400 replies, most wanted next-gen graphics, then multi-touch support, changes to the homescreen and finally, improved memory management.

3.  Think of the Children!

The government has published a report urging mobile manufacturers to offer improved parental controls on future devices, specifically on the browser.  The ease of access to unsuitable material or social networking sites via Wi-Fi equipped phones is being cited as the main cause for concern.

4.  Coffee Via Your iPhone.

If you live in the USA, that is.  Starbucks have extended their scheme where you can pay for a coffee via an iPhone application.  Initially only available in a handful of stores, the scheme has been taken to 1000 locations across the country.  We look forward to their European launch!

5.  Touchscreens are Most Satisfying Option.

A J.D. Power survey has shown that customers with touchscreen phones are more satisfied with their device than those with a more traditional phone.  The survey also showed that GPS ranks highly as a must-have feature, although the younger consumers tended not to care if their phone was a smartphone or not.

6.  Ofcom Continue Phone Cost Push.

Ofcom are pushing networks to decrease the amount of time it takes to migrate an existing number from one network to another, and driving down call costs across networks too.  Mobile operator 3 has said the UK falls well behind the rest of Europe when it comes to migration, mainly because of a need to ask ‘permission’ before the move goes ahead.  Ofcom want the rules changed by 2011.

7.  Is This the iPhone 4G’s Screen?

Take a look at this video, which appears to show the unpacking of a screen and front panel assembly destined for the fourth generation of Apple’s iPhone.  The size is 3.7″ and it still has a single hole for the Home button.

8.  Speaking of the iPhone…

We talked about some of the rumours surrounding the next iPhone earlier this week, but now some more information on the possible multi-tasking has come up.  The word is that a Mac-like Expose feature will be used to identify running apps.  Is it true?  We’ll have to wait and see!

9.  LG Cookie Music Specs Updated.

The Cookie Music will hopefully be announced soon, as an advert for the phone has confirmed it will be a 3G phone with a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card memory expansion and 4GB internal memory plus a 3″ touchscreen.  It looks great!

10.  A Feature Phone for £200,000?

That’s what the Celsius X VI II LEDIX will cost you!  The admittedly sharp looking exterior aside, this is a 2G clamshell that offers a direct link with the late-’90s in terms of features.  So, it has a silly name, no features, a ridiculously complex kinetic energy system and a massive price tag.  It’s sure to do well!

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