Nokia C6 to be an N97 Mini Mini?

Some more news concerning another entry into Nokia’s Cseries range of mobile phones has broken, this time based around the C6. An image appearing on Tom’s Guide indicates the C6 will be a 5800-style touchscreen candybar with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Following Nokia’s explanation of their new naming system, this places the C6 one step above the C5 and part of their core range. Similarities to the N97 Mini are obvious, but as this is not an Nseries phone, we can expect a smaller processor and less memory.

This is backed up by information from Tom’s source, who suggests the C6 will have 256MB of internal memory, although a microSD card slot is likely to be waiting in the wings to increase this. No other information on the C6 was forthcoming, but they expect the phone to make an appearance during summer this year.

This isn’t the first time a Nokia C6 has hit the news, as the name has been used before, when Nokia chose the designation for a 2110 clone back in 1997, and more recently when it was linked to a QWERTY-equipped phone along the same lines as the E72 and oddly, the Palm Centro, which was also linked with the codename Mystic. Oh, what a tangled web the C6 leaves behind it!

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