Will the Toshiba TG03 Carry Windows Phone 7?

Digging up a phone we have heard little about since it appeared on a leaked roadmap, is the rumour that Toshiba will be launching a WinPho7 phone before the end of the year.  The phone in question is the TG03, which according to the 2009 leak is a similar beast to the TG01, in that it will be Snapdragon powered and housed inside a 9.9mm thick casing.

Along with several others, Toshiba were on the list of early partners at the Microsoft press conference, so we know they are behind the new operating system, plus they unveiled the TG02 at Mobile World Congress, showing they are back on track with new releases.

The source of the rumour, MSmobiles.com, says that the TG03 will share the 4.1″ capacitive touchscreen with the TG02, but will also come equipped with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and a 3-channel speaker setup with virtual surround sound.

According to a conversation with an Australian news network, Toshiba have told them that the TG03 will have applications designed to work on Toshiba computers too, spurring customers to select one manufacturer for all their device needs.

The estimated release is said to be around November this year, which would put it behind the LG Panther, currently rumoured to be the first Windows Phone 7 handset, and potentially out in September.

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