How to Change LG Pop Ringtones, Message Tones and Sounds

The LG Pop is a great little phone. One of the fun things about it is that it is capable of using mp3 files to play sounds for a variety of different actions on your phone. You can choose different sounds for your ringtone, message tones, start up and shut down sounds. You can also make different choices for each profile that you have on the phone (such as your normal profile and your outdoor profile). Of course, you have to know how to make these changes if you want to properly customize the sounds on your LG Pop. Here’s your guide to doing that.

Editing your LG Pop Profile

In order to change the settings on your LG Pop, you need to become familiar with your profiles on this phone. To take a look at these profiles, you want to unlock the phone and then tap the top of the screen that appears. This will show your status summary. From this screen, you can tap to select the “profile” section of your summary. Unless you have changed your profile setting, this will probably read “normal”. When you tap on it, all of your different profile options will appear. Your options include:

  • Normal profile.
  • Silent profile.
  • Outdoor profile.
  • Flight mode.
  • Personal profiles. There are options to personalize different profiles. They are labelled My Profile 1, My Profile 2, etc. For example, you might have a different profile for when you are at work or school.

Select the profile from the list that you want to be active. A screen will appear that says that it has been activated.

Changing your Active Profile

Now you are ready to change the sounds on your active profile. To get into your active profile, go to the menu and then select settings and profile. This can be found at the bottom left hand corner of your menu screen. You will once again see all of the different profiles that are available to you (normal, outdoor, etc.). Select the one that is active. If you don’t remember which one it is, it’s the one that has a red checkmark located next to it. This is where you will edit the sounds of your phone.

The Sounds You Can Edit

There are many different sounds that you can turn on and off from this section of your LG Pop. This is also where you can choose different mp3 tracks to be used for your ringtone, message tones, shut down sound and start up sound. These options appear in order as follows:

  • Sound Alert. This determines whether or not your LG Pop will play sounds. You will see an on and off option here. If you do want your phones to play sounds then you will select this option to be on.
  • Vibration Alert. Again, this is an on/off option. If you want your phone to vibrate, turn it on. Otherwise, keep it off. Note that you can have both the sound and the vibration on or you can turn on just one or just the other.
  • Ringtone. Now you are ready to change your ringtone. Tap the “ringtone” button on your active profile. A new screen will open up. You will see “no sound” or “go to sound” as your two choices. Select “go to sound”. You will be taken to all of the mp3 ringtone options that are available on your phone. This includes all mp3 ringtones that are stored on your phone itself as well as those that are stored on the memory card of the phone. They will appear in a new screen on a list. You will see the name of the mp3 as it has been stored in your phone. Next to each name, you will see a play button. From this screen, you can play a preview of each ringtone so that you know what each one sounds like. Go through and listen to the mp3 ringtones that you have in order to find the one that you want for this profile. Tap the track that you want to select it. You have successfully changed the ringtone for this profile. You will be returned to the profile settings screen.
  • Volume. Your next option to choose is the volume of your sound. Tap this button to select the volume that you desire. A new screen will open up. It shows a ringtone image with seven different volume options. Select the volume level that you want (seven being the loudest). Press “ok” and you will be returned to the profile settings screen.
  • Message tone. The next option on your list is your message tone. Do you want an mp3 to play for your message tone? If so then you will go through the same process that you went through for setting up the ringtone. To review, you will:
    • Press message tone.
    • Choose “go to sound”
    • Select the mp3 you want for your message tone by tapping the track.
    • Remind Message Alert. When you receive a message on your LG Pop do you want the phone to tell you? How many times would you like it to tell you? You can have it tell you only once. Alternatively, you can have it tell you every 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. You can also choose “no sound” if you don’t want to be alerted to receiving messages.
    • Confirmation tone. There is an on and off switch here for you to select from. If you want a sound to play to confirm that you have taken an action with your LG Pop, select “on”. Otherwise, turn this option off.
    • Start up sound and shut down sound. The final two options on your screen are for the sounds that will play when you start your LG Pop and when you turn off your LG Pop. You can use mp3 tracks for these sounds. You will go through the exact same process as you did for selecting the mp3s that you used for your ringtone and message tone. Note that you can have all four of these (ringtone, message tone, start up and shut down sounds) be the same mp3s or they can all be different.

Change your Other Profiles

Note that the changes that you have made apply only to your active profile. You will need to repeat the process to change the sound options on all of your other profiles. For example, if you want to play different mp3 tones for your ringtone and message tone on your school or work profile then you will make that the active profile and go through the process again.

Another Option for Changing your MP3 Tones

The method described above is the best way to change all of the sound settings on your LG Pop. However, you do have another option for setting the mp3 tracks to be played as your ringtone, message tones, start up sound and shut down sound. Here it is:

  • Go back to the main menu screen.
  • Select “my stuff” which is located in the middle of the menu page.
  • You will see a list of options that includes images, sounds, videos, etc. Select sounds.
  • A list of your mp3 tracks will open up. Select the one that you wish to use.
  • Your mp3 music player will pop up.
  • Press the “options” button. It is located on the top left hand corner of the screen.
  • A screen will open up that provides options including “minimize, equalizer, send … Choose the one that says “use as”.
  • A new set of options will open up including ringtone, message tone, shut down sound, etc. Choose the one that you wish the mp3 track to play for. You’ve changed the settings for that particular option.

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